Yogic community living

vita comunitaria

Yogic community living

Sunday 26th June-Friday 1st July 2022

An opportunity to share and learn, working together and following a yogic lifestyle.

A week of community life based on yogic principles, to experience the gift of being present in nature every moment of the day, with lightness and simplicity, through the help of yoga practices.

Work, sing and laugh together, following a simple yogic balanced lifestyle.

Daily schedule:

  • Morning practice of asana and pranayama
  • Breakfast
  • Morning chanting
  • Brief discussion on the theme of the day and sharing chores (garden, kitchen, projects
  • Lunch
  • Free personal time in the afternoon
  • Yoga nidra (guided or with recording)
  • Dinner prep and meal
  • Short meditation or tratak 

Cost: by donation

Info and enrollment email: grempoli108@gmail.com

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