Our Tradition

piccolo germoglio di pianta simbolo asana


postures – develop flexibility and muscle tone, improving oxygenation overall wellbeing. They are practiced with awareness, with care and respect towards one’s own limitations. The regular practice of asana helps to reduce stiffness and blocks, toning and harmonizing the various systems and organs, promoting vitality and global health. They also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improving balance and calming the mind

fiamme arancioni e rosse simbolo pranayama


breathing techniques – these techniques use the breath to cleanse, balance and expand vital energy. They nurture body and mind promoting positive effects on mental and emotional states and on the entire nervous system, inducing a sense of inner balance, tranquillity and peace.


bolle d'aria sott'acqua simbolo yoganidra

Yoga Nidra

deep relaxation – it is a systematic guided practice that is effective in promoting a particular physiological state that leaves the body and mind refreshed and energised. The ability to relax is a learned skill that can be extremely useful in today’s world, especially for people who are often stressed.


cielo soleggiato con nuvole simbolo dharana e dhyana

Dharana Dhyana

the various concentration techniques aim to cultivate a sense of ‘living in the present moment’ develop the ability to observe thought patterns and feelings without being caught up in them. These techniques help to reduce mental tension, increase concentration, contribute to a more stable mood, providing clarity of thinking and serenity. They lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and help us maintain a healthy inner balance.

Our Tradition

our tradition stampe su carta dell'antica cultura spirituale del Vedanta e Tantra.

The integral yoga taught at Grempoli Retreat is based on an authentic tradition of yoga that can be traced back to Adi Shankaracharya (788-820 AD), with roots in the ancient spiritual culture of Vedanta and Tantra.

Inspired by Swami Sivananda (1887-1963), his disciples developed the modernised, integral system of yoga as it is taught today.

Integral yoga draws on the various branches of yoga, including hatha yoga, raja yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga and jnana yoga. 

Integral Yoga promotes balance, flexibility ‘ and resilience bringing physical and mental stability. 

It is a balanced system that develops all aspects of the personality helping to integrate and harmonize them.