Grempoli Association

pianta di olivo molto antica a grempoli

We are a Cultural Association

We are a non-profit Cultural association founded by a small group of people coming from different countries and backgrounds, who share common values.


  • the practice of integral yoga, as a means to know and improve oneself
  • to live a simple lifestyle based on sustainability
  • the practice of work undertaken as selfless service and as a way for self-observation
  • to encourage a respectful and heartfelt connection with the Earth
  • to foster a place of learning promoting educational activities, organizing meetings, courses and retreats on various yogic aspects as well as practical workshops

Along with our friends and guests, we try to live a simple yogic lifestyle, seeking to deepen our connection and relationship with nature and our inner selves. Daily life is based on yoga sadhana and work undertaken as service.

Grempoli is a place of learning and contemplation and a haven to experience simple and sustainable living in a peaceful, natural environment.

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