Art Therapy

What is art therapy?

The theory of art therapy has its roots both in art and in the studies of creativity, and in psychodynamic studies. 

It started between the 1940s and 1950s in Great Britain and the United States as a treatment for traumatized war veterans, used in psychiatric hospitals. It was initially practiced by artists who were sensitive to the communicative potential of art and by psychologists and psychiatrists attracted by pictorial language. 

Later it developed as a discipline in its own, which aims to develop an understanding based on the uniqueness of what happens in the setting between a person who creates and one who participates in this process as a user, a witness and sometimes a co-author. 

Over the years, the range of applications have extended and we can find art therapy in many fields of personal development, social, educational as well as rehabilitation.


esempio di realizzazione durante corso arteterapia

The Hill Atelier

It is a welcoming and intimate space immersed in the nature of Grempoli where, accompanied by Martina, you can slow down and dedicate yourself to the exploration of your creative resources through art and art therapy. Individual sessions or group gatherings are aimed at children, adolescents and adults.

For information contact Martina Engaz