Open Days

During the year Open and Green days are organized; these are open to all those interested in knowing a bit more about Grempoli and experience what the place has to offer.

Open days start with a yoga class in the morning (asana and pranayama), a brief introduction to the practice of selfless service with awareness (karma yoga), a vegetarian meal and a guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

Green days are aimed at those interested in experiencing a more sustainable way of life or simply wishing to reconnect with the Earth working on the land. These days are normally focused on a theme and always include working together, a vegetarian meal and a guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

A friendly occasion for exchanging information on how to grow food using permaculture principles.

Open days are free of charges, yet a donation toward the meal and maintaining of the place is much appreciated.

quattro amici preparano l'orto durante una giornata aperta