About us

premarpan sara meli in primo piano socia fondatrice di grempoli

Premarpan (Sara) Meli

started practicing yoga at a young age and began teaching in 1992. 

She originally studied with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta schools and then continued her training with the Bihar School of Yoga with regular visits to India until 2023. 

These studies included many visits to India and Australia, as well as several years spent living within ashram communities.

Passionate about gardening, Prem also studied Permaculture, Organic farming, and Conservation and Land Management in Australia.

For more than thirty years, she has put her heart into developing Grempoli as a place where people can regenerate themselves and experience a deeper connection with nature.

Isabella Fineschi

started practicing yoga about forty years ago, appreciating this discipline from the very beginning. 

She went to India to learn and experience ayurvedic practices including panchakarma. 

Since the beginning of its recent history she has participated in the restoration of the property and the foundation of Grempoli Retreat, always encouraging and supporting its yoga activities and promoting people’s well-being.


isabella fineschi fondatrice di grempoli
pragya paola beucci durante preparazione in cucina

Pragya - Paola Becucci

has been practicing yoga following Satyananda methods since the early nineties. 

In 2005 she attended ayurvedic massage courses at the Italian Institute of Ayurveda. 

A lover of nature and outdoors living, she is passionate about photography. 

On her regular visits to Grempoli she supports many of the creative workshop, taking photographic documentation of both the natural environment and the yoga activities and caring for the animals and the wildlife.

Amrit - Rossella Beconi

started practicing yoga in 1987. 

She trained as a Satyananda Yoga teacher in 2005 with Kalpa Vriksha Satyananda (To), Italy. 

She has much experience in teaching both beginners and intermediate students. She attended seminars for further training, some hosted at Grempoli, where she has had the opportunity to appreciate Grempoli as a place of sharing and personal growth. 

She supports the project, collaborating with Premarpan in organizing many of the activities and meetings.

amrit rosseta beconi fondatrice grempoli
ornella rocca fondatrice grempoli

Ornella Rocca

has been practicing yoga since 2000 and trained as a Satyananda Yoga teacher in 2006 with Satyananda Yoga School based in Milano, Italy. 

A Member of Grempoli Association since 2016 she is part of a dedicated team helping out with secretarial services, practicing Karma yoga, and working to promote all aspects of yoga and integrate them into daily life.


Martina Engaz (arte terapia)

was born in Val d’Aosta and moved to the Florence countryside at the age of seventeen. 

She graduated in sculpture in Florence and then continued her studies with a degree in herbal medicine and a diploma of psychodynamic art therapist with Italian Art Therapy. 

She has been collaborating for many years with schools, social cooperatives and associations supporting the wellbeing of children, adolescents and adults through art therapy.


martina engaz fondatrice e coordinatrice arteterapia