Life at Grempoli

We live in an exciting time, in which our actions truly affect the health and well-being of the entire rest of the globe. How you or I choose to live each day - each big or small choice about how we eat, travel, stay warm, educate our children, clean our homes and so on - creates one world or another. Clea Danaan

Nestled in the Tuscan hills, Grempoli is a place where people can retreat from busy lives and experience stillness. We teach and share practices of integral yoga, to help develop holistic wellbeing and inner awareness. Retreats in Grempoli involve cooking, gardening, trekking in the surrounding hills and communing with nature.

Grempoli is a hamlet of traditional farmhouses where people have been living self-sufficiently for hundreds of years. The property has its own organic fruit and vegetable gardens and 200 olive trees, which provide us with much of our food during the summer months. We continue the tradition by making our own olive oil, baking our bread and growing our own food. Ecology and the balance of man within nature is an important aspect of our custodial relationship with the land here at Grempoli.

Besides organized workshops and retreats, Grempoli is also available for groups sharing similar aims.

Grempoli is located in the Tuscan countryside, in the province of Pontassieve, just 30 km from Florence. It is a small ancient property consisting of three houses, restored in a simple manner, respecting local history and environment.

The approach to Grempoli is on a gravel road lined by cypresses, used in ancient times to reach Romagna and still used today as a walking track up to Monti Giovi.
Rarely visited by tourists, retaining the original spirit of Tuscany, the area offers opportunities for excursions, walking and riding, as well as the possibility to visit some of the most famous museums and art works in the world in nearby Florence.

Life at Grempoli – in harmony with nature and tradition.

The main house contains a sadhana hall or yoga practice room which is used for courses and workshops, with external doors leading to the olive grove and gardens producing organically grown vegetables.
The terrace of the old tower overlooks a panorama of the surrounding hills and pastures. Accommodation is in comfortable, mostly double shared rooms, with shared bathrooms.
For residential workshops of up to 12 persons, the main house has two single and five double bedrooms with wood-beamed ceilings and windows looking out over the surrounding fields. Separate accommodation is available for facilitators.
Meals are home-cooked, balanced, nutritious and vegetarian, using local ingredients.
They are based on fresh produce, in accordance with season.
Most of our vegetables are picked directly from our organic garden.