Be peace, be still, be in the breath

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Be peace, be still, be in the breath

Intensive yoga weekend

22-24 september 2023

An intensive residential week end with Sn Atmabhava (Daniela Petrini) 

The seminar is intended as a time to connect with peace, silence and the ability to develop health and harmony through the practice of yoga and contact with Nature.

A time for regeneration and rebalancing.

The seminar will focus on the practice of breathing techniques that help improve one’s breathing capacity by influencing the body and mind, and specific Pranayama practices that will be progressively developed throughout the seminar.

Together, the practice of Asanas, Satyananda system meditations for both physical and mental stability, and Yoga Nidra, to develop deep relaxation, will be offered.

The seminar will begin on Friday 22 at 5 pm and conclude on Sunday 24 at 5 pm

The seminar will take place with a minimum of 6 participants.

Registration by 10 September

Info e prenotazioni cell: 328 6976742

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