The Labyrinth – An Easter retreat for new growth and transformation

The Labyrinth – An Easter retreat for new growth and transformation 

5th -10th of April 2023 in Grempoli, Tuscany

Led by Sn Antarshuddhi (Nadeshda Stürzebecher)

Explore the Labyrinth as a practice.

With this five-day-retreat, we will celebrate the auspicious time of Easter and the ancient spiritual practice of Labyrinth.

Together we will investigate and work with different shapes and types of labyrinths through drawing, painting, tracing, building and walking them as a spiritual practice, supported and held within the pristine, magical and nurturing environment of Grempoli in Springtime.

Each day will comprise of a balanced yogic lifestyle routine, with morning asana and pranayama practice, yoga nidra, meditation and deliciously healthy organic meals.

The retreat will begin on the new moon and will give space and time for contemplation, reflection, sharing and possibly discovering new insights and resolves.

Labyrinths are considered to be mystical sacred spaces, models of spiritual cosmology, tools for self-discovery and blueprints for transformation.

They are inherent in cultures and religions all over the world and are one of the most ancient and universal symbols of man from unknown times.

Walking a labyrinth is a literal as well as a symbolic and sacred process, representing our life-journey, transition, rhythm and the process of inner transformation.

The same path which is meandering in towards the centre is, at the same time, the way out – the exit as well.

The journey into the centre, walked as an act of pilgrimage, symbolises letting go and death, and the journey from the centre outwards is representative of birth and rebirth from the cosmic womb.

A Sacred tool for transformation

Working with a labyrinth can create a direct and intuitive connection to our deepest nature. We can begin the journey intuitively as we enter into a labyrinth with a question or a resolve and if we are open during this inner journey, we may receive new insights on our path. We can interact with this sacred space within and use it as a tool for supporting us to hear our own inner voice and rediscover our own true Self. Labyrinths can help us with times of transition – endings and beginnings, connection with the rhythm of each in and out breath, unite our inner world with the outer and be used as an act of pilgrimage.

Easter – time for renewal 

There are a few particular occasions of the year which are said to be especially favourable to walk and engage with labyrinths.

They are connected to the cosmic bodies – with the moon phases, the phases of the planet Venus, or with the equinoxes. The time of Easter is perhaps the most auspicious one – held on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox, it symbolises the resurrection of Christ, spiritual rebirth, renewal and the ascent of the human towards the divine.

The Retreat Includes

  • A full and varied programme from 7 am to 9 pm.
  • A daily 90 minute asana, pranayama, and meditation class
  • Yoga nidra sessions
  • Karma yoga and periods of silence (mouna)
  • Drawing and painting of labyrinths as a practice and a sacred act
  • Using different materials to craft your labyrinth
  • Building and walking a labyrinth
  • Evening sessions on the terrace (weather permitting)

No previous knowledge or experience of drawing and painting is necessary.

A list of materials needed will be emailed after booking

Language: English


The retreat will begin at 5pm sharp on Wednesday 5th April, it will conclude with lunch at 1pm on Monday 10th April.

Please try and arrive by 3pm on the 5th to give yourself time to settle in.

The programme will conclude with lunch at 1pm on the 10th, so please arrange your arrival and departure to ensure that you do not miss any part of the programme.

Cost of Retreat:

590€ in a double room / 690€ in a single-room  (Only 2 single rooms available) Max number of participants 12.

The price includes all tuition and classes, 5 nights of comfortable accommodation, 3 healthy & delicious organic meals each day, local collection and drop off from Scopeti train stop.

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