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The Transformative Power of the Elements
6th – 10th September 2017
Sw Ahimsadhara

The Transformative Power of the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

The 5 elements (tattwas) are the building blocks of creation. They are both exoteric and esoteric, permeating our body and mind, and influencing all that we do. Beyond the physical, they are principles that we experience in everyday life. Yoga is a powerful and direct way of maintaining healthy balance in the tattwas and aligning with nature.

When the tattwas are balanced, the earth element keeps us stable and steady, water helps us to flow smoothly with life, fire gives us dynamism, air keeps us light and expansive and ether is the element of potential where spiritual growth occurs.

When the tattwas are out of balance, we suffer – with too much earth we get stuck, water that doesn’t flow stagnates, fire can consume us, the instability of air can be experienced as anxiety and with too much ether we lose connection with the material reality. Modern lifestyles disconnect us from nature and we lose touch with these elemental forces.

The tattwas are activated by lifestyle, practices and symbols. Spending time in nature while doing specific yoga practices directly links us to these elemental forces, creating physical, mental and emotional harmony and balance.

During the retreat you will:

  • Practice yoga themed around the tattwas
  • Participate in rituals (havan, mantra & tree puja) to align with nature
  • Use yantras (tantric symbols) to awaken the tattwas
  • Go for forest walks in the Tuscan countryside
  • Experience natural living in the organic gardens and kitchen of Grempoli
  • Share a few days of your life in community with others in this beautiful place.


    Where: Nestled in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Grempoli is 30 km from Florence. For arrival by air, the best airports are either Florence or Pisa. Both are served by regular airport buses to the main Florence railway station, Firenze Santa Maria Novella (SMN). From Firenze SMN there are almost hourly trains to Scopeti, departing five minutes to the hour at most times.

    When: The workshop will be held from Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th September 2017. Arrival is on Wednesday afternoon by 4 pm, and departure after lunch on Sunday.

    Who: The workshop will be led by Sw Ahimsadhara (Helen Cushing) from Australia. Ahimsa combines her love and knowledge of yoga and nature in The Transformative Power of the Tattwas. She brings the two together seamlessly by integrating yogic concepts, sadhana and lifestyle with our need to reconnect and closely align with nature.

    Ahimsa has taught extensively on yoga ecology, merging the esoteric culture of yoga with connection to our natural environment. Before devoting her life to teaching yoga, Ahimsa worked in publishing and the media as an organic gardening writer and consultant. Her expertise and passion for yoga and nature shine through her teachings. Find out more about the work done by Sw Ahimsadhara at

    Accommodation and meals: Accommodation is in comfortable, mostly shared rooms (up to three occupants), with shared bathrooms. Meals are home-cooked, simple, nutritious and vegetarian, using local ingredients.

    Cost of workshop: (food, accommodation and teaching) Early bird €340 if booked before 30th June 2017 (non-refundable deposit €70) – €390 from 1st July

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