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Connect to Nature, led by Nityaprem and Premarpan, italian and English language, 26 - 28 July 2019

Pranayama Intensive Week-end, Sn Brahmananda, English with italian translation, 24 - 26 May 2019 (€180) WAITING LIST

Yantra and Mantra Retreat, led by Sn Brahmananda and Sn Antarshuddhi, English language, 1 - 8 August 2019 WAITING LIST

Sharing Autumn with Judy Arpana, 9 nights includes Facing Death-Embracing Life, Assisi pilgrimage and Farm Stay, 13 - 22 Sept 2019 (€760 or €720 early bird, before 1st July)

Facing Death-Embracing Life, Judy Arpana, English with italian translation, 13 - 15 Sept 2019 (€240 / €190 local Italian GR member)

Assisi pilgrimage with Judy Arpana English, 17-20 Sep 2019 (€280)

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