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Shatkarma Laghu Shankhaprakshalana
Friday 5th – Saturday 6th May 2017

Laghu Shankhaprakshalana

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our body.

These ancient yoga techniques, performed in a relaxed and natural environment, allow us to eliminate toxins, purify the body and regain physical and mental balance.

Shat means ‘six’ and karma means ‘action’; together we will experience some practices of this systematic and gentle method to thoroughly flush the entire digestive system:

  • Jala Neti, nasal cleansing with water
  • Kunjal, vomiting water
  • Laghu Shankhaprakshalana, short version of  intestinal wash
  • Practicalities

    All activities are reserved to Grempoli Retreat Members
  • Per informazioni e iscrizioni: oppure 345 1324134
  • Where: Grempoli Retreat, 30 km from Firenze.
  •  When: Friday 5 May 18.00 – Saturday 6 May 11.00
  •  Cost: by free donation