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Integrating the Tattwas into Yoga Practice
3 September 2017

Yoga is a powerful and direct way of maintaining healthy balance in the tattwas (5 elements) and aligning with nature. When the tattwas are balanced, the earth element keeps us stable and steady, water helps us to flow smoothly with life, fire gives us dynamism, air keeps us light and expansive and ether is the element of potential where spiritual growth occurs. The tattwas are activated by lifestyle, practices and symbols. Doing specific yoga practices directly links us to these elemental forces, creating physical, mental and emotional harmony and balance.

Join Swami Ahimsadhara for a day of harmonising the tattwas in the beautiful natural environment of Grempoli. The day will include:
• Talks on the tattwas to enhance your understanding.
• Yoga sessions integrating the tattwas into asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.
• The lovely ritual of tree puja – aligning with the forces of nature by offering to a tree.
• Havan – a fire ceremony invoking the transformative powers of the fire element.

Swami Ahimsa combines her love and knowledge of yoga and nature in Integrating the Tattwas into Yoga Practice. She brings the two together seamlessly by integrating yogic concepts and sadhana with our need to reconnect and closely align with our origins in nature.
Ahimsa’s teaching merges the esoteric culture of yoga with practices and lifestyle for balancing our external and internal dimensions. Before devoting her life to teaching yoga, Ahimsa worked in publishing and the media as an organic gardening writer and consultant. Her expertise and passion for yoga and nature shine through her teachings.


Where: Nestled in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, Grempoli is 45 minutes from Florence airport, and 30 minutes from the centre of Florence (easy bus ride from Pisa airport).

When: The workshop will be held on Sunday 3rd September from 9,30 to 6pm (with italian translation)

Cost of retreat: 65 Euros (includes lunch) for members of the association.