Developing teaching – a weekend workshop

teaching creativitely

Developing teaching – a weekend workshop

5th – 7th of May 2023

Led by Sn Brahmananda (Narendra Bharwaney), the weekend will be taught in English with Italian translation.

Friday May 5th 5pm to Sunday May 7th 5pm

In this residential weekend we will try to understand how to teach and what is most appropriate to teach in the various yoga courses.

We will look at:

  • What qualities and skills a good teacher should cultivate.

  • How to structure a course and sequence in a systematic and coherent manner. How to develop a weekly lesson cycle, e.g. from a ‘beginner’ class to an ‘intermediate’ class.

  • How to know when to introduce new practices/how long to stay with the same set of practices.

  • What to do when students attending the same class have very different levels of practice.

  • How to plan lessons in the short and long term.

  • What creative tools we can use to make our teaching an effective and transformative practice for students.

Yoga is an ancient discipline and philosophy that has developed over millennia with numerous facets and styles.

The multiplicity of yoga texts, practices and techniques are so varied that it is not always easy to guide students along this path.

The goal at which yoga originally aimed has profoundly changed as yoga has spread to different contexts, geographical and cultural boundaries. The society and context in which we live today is profoundly different, and so are the aims that yoga practice tends towards today.

The balance between the aims of yoga and those of the practitioner is essential to remain true to the spirit of yoga, teaching and practicing with integrity whilst also doing what is needed, relevant and useful for our development.

The key aspect in all of this of course, is that we can only teach what we have experienced ourselves.

There will be plenty of discussion and addressing of the particular issues and questions raised by participants.

Aimed at yoga teachers and experienced practitioners.

Cost: Programme, meals and accommodation – €300

When: The programme will start at 5pm on Friday and end at 5pm on Sunday

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