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Pranayama intensive course

Pranayama Intensive Level 1
4th-6th September 2020

Led by Sn Brahmananda Breath is prana and prana is life. Without prana, nothing moves, nothing lives. Breathing in is inspiration, breathing out is letting go. Every moment we are in this exchange with ourselves and our environment. Our breath affects every cell and system in the body and it is literally right under our nose. Even becoming aware of the natural and spontaneous breath can have quick and profound benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Prana literally is ‘that which is in movement’, it is the vital force, the energy that sustains all life. We generally have two sources of prana – food and air. Another is to generate it internally, and this is what the practices of yoga and pranayama can do. In daily life we generate, store, use and waste prana, by bringing simple pranayama practice into our routine we can moderate that whole process. Pranayama can be understood as both the control and the expansion of prana through working with the breath and other techniques of mudra, bandha and mantra. The weekend

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