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pianta con fiori a petali gialli

Yoga of purity
22-27 April 2019

During Easter 2019 we have the pleasure to offer a retreat devoted to purity, in the silence and nature of Grempoli Retreat in Italy: the experience of external and internal purity. Through combination of Yoga practices – Hatha Yoga cleansing practices (shatkarmas) – Laghoo, Kunjal, Neti, Tratak, physical exercises – asanas, meditative techniques for calming down the mind and emotions (Yoga Nidra, Antar Darshan), singing, walking in nature, yoga of action – Karma Yoga to purify the heart by learning to act selflessly in service of others, helping the local farm and preparing meals,using simple organic vegan local food – everyone will have the opportunity to experience the quality of purity and ways to achieve it. There will be practical and theoretical guidance and explanation for every practice. The retreat will be concentrated on silence (mouna)– everyday several hours will be spent in silence.

The program is carefully prepared and suitable for everyone, including yoga beginners. During the retreat we will connect and draw from the ancient energy of Easter. Alcohol, coffee, meat and milk products will not be allowed. It is recommended to check your health before signing up for the week. Full program will be sent individually to every participant after signing up.


The retreat will be held from Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th April 2019. Arrival is by 5 pm, finishing on Saturday by 11 am.

Who: The retreat will be lead by Diana Ivanova (Yoga practitioner in the Bihar Yoga Tradition with a solid education in Group psychoanalysis from the IAG Bonn and the science of Yoga by Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe 2006-2009, member of the Trauma sensible Yoga Network (TSY ingradual) in Germany, with more than 19 years experience in Yoga).

The number of participants is limited to 12 people.

The retreat will be lead in English and German.

Cost of retreat: 350 euro (if payment is made before 1st March 2019) participation fee includes:teachings, accommodation in double room with shared bathrooms and two meals a day.
370 euro ( for all payments done after March 1st)

Sign up by sending an e-mail to:

After receiving confirmation of acceptance, kindly transfer the enrolment fee via bank into
Grempoli Retreat

Cancellation policy:
For any cancellation until one month prior to the workshop, the fee will be returned, less 10% cancellation fee. After that the cancellation fee will be 30%.D

Important: To reduce your transport costs to Grempoli Retreat, make sure you arrive at Florence main railway station (Santa Maria Novella) on Monday 22nd by 4pm. Participants can hire a taxi as a group. Details could be arranged individually.

For questions and information:

panorama collinare con nuvole in cielo

Connect to Nature
31st August – 2nd September 2018

This Weekend is an opportunity to relax, restore and connect yourself to nature inside yourself and outside. The aim of the retreat is to reintegrate our connection to Mother Nature in your daily routine by joining a regular yogic lifestyle in the peaceful, beautiful and quite surroundings of the Toscan Hills in Grempoli. Simple Yoga practises (Asanas, Pranayamas, short meditation, Yoga Nidra, Seva, Kirtan, Havan) throughout the day will help to balance the energies in body and mind.
The Weekend is an offering to all Grempoli members and those who wish to join us to come out to nature and reconnect with oneself and eachother.

When: 31st August to 2nd September 2018 / starts on Friday 7 pm, finishes on Sunday 4 pm
Where: Grempoli Retreat, 30 km from Florence
Contribution: By donation
Information/sign up: or Tel+ 39 345 1324134
Led by: Nityaprem (Nicole Wangler, Switzerland) and Premarpan (Prem Meli, Italy)

The Transformative Power of the Elements
6th – 10th September 2017
Sw Ahimsadhara

The Transformative Power of the Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

The 5 elements (tattwas) are the building blocks of creation. They are both exoteric and esoteric, permeating our body and mind, and influencing all that we do. Beyond the physical, they are principles that we experience in everyday life. Yoga is a powerful and direct way of maintaining healthy balance in the tattwas and aligning with nature. Read More

Integrating the Tattwas into Yoga Practice
3 September 2017

Yoga is a powerful and direct way of maintaining healthy balance in the tattwas (5 elements) and aligning with nature. When the tattwas are balanced, the earth element keeps us stable and steady, water helps us to flow smoothly with life, fire gives us dynamism, air keeps us light and expansive and ether is the element of potential where spiritual growth occurs. The tattwas are activated by lifestyle, practices and symbols. Doing specific yoga practices directly links us to these elemental forces, creating physical, mental and emotional harmony and balance. Read More

Yoga for Stress and Trauma,
31 August-
2 September 2017

Teaching Yoga for Stress and Trauma:

This is a two-day workshop for yoga teachers, psychotherapists or others interested in working with stress and trauma. The workshop will focus on teaching the restorative yoga practices through which healing naturally unfolds. Learn about how yoga helps recovery from trauma and eases stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Read More


Easter, Karma yoga days
14th to 17th April

Easter at Grempoli: join us for three days of karma yoga (selfless service).
Working together in the garden, vegetable patch and olive grove, pruning, harvesting, cooking and sharing simple communal life

  • Start the day with early morning practice of bhajans or mantra and relax with yoga nidra in the afternoon
  • Bring warm and comfortable working clothes and appropriate shoes
  • By donation
  • Booking:
Brahmananda Yoga Teacher at Grempoli Retreat

Narendra Bharwaney (Brahmananda)

Brahmananda was born in Africa to Indian parents and now lives in London. He has been involved with yoga for 30 years and teaching for 15 years. He was director and course coordinator of the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe until recently stepping down. Since 1988, in order to further his studies and expand his experience, he has regularly spent time in ashrams in India attending programs and immersing himself in karma yoga. Brahmananda has worked as a special needs educator and mental health social worker for over 15 years. During this period he employed yoga and meditation techniques to help address the spectrum of needs in this environment.

He runs regular courses and programs in the UK and abroad, on various aspects of yoga; meditation, yoga psychology and yantra drawing and painting. Exploring yantra’s deeper transformative effects on the personality is his main area of interest and expertise at present.

Brahmananda’s down to earth approach and deep understanding of yogic principles, combined with his Indian heritage and English humor, makes his teachings unique, being extremely clear, of high level and, at the same time, accessible.