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realizzazione yantra diagrammi geometrici

Yantra and Mantra Retreat
1 – 8 August 2019 (Waiting List)

led by Sannyasins Brahmananda (Narendra Bharwaney) and Antarshuddhi (Nadeshda Stürzebecher) Save the dates and express your interest Mantra and Yantra are tools of Tantra. They represent sound and form and the combined use of these tools aims to focus the mind and to expand the awareness. The created symbol then becomes a vehicle through which we can deepen our understanding of the more subtle layers of the mind This one full week retreat will offer time to go deep into one’s practice and immerse oneself in the peace and vibrancy of the Grempoli venue. We will practice karma yoga daily, live and eat together and have space for local walks and periods of silence and reflection. Language: English The retreat will include: • Daily Asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation sessions. • Theory: understanding mantra and yantra • Mantra chanting • Drawing and painting of yantra • Karma yoga and periods of silence (mouna) • Havan – fire ceremony. Program details to be confirmed. No previous knowledge or experience of drawing and painting is necessary

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tarassaco bianco

Connect to nature
26 – 28 July 2019

This Weekend is an opportunity to relax, restore and connect yourself to nature inside yourself and outside. The aim of the retreat is to reintegrate our connection to Mother Nature in your daily routine by joining a regular yogic lifestyle in the peaceful, beautiful and quite surroundings of the Tuscan Hills in Grempoli. Simple Yoga practises (Asanas, Pranayamas, short meditation, Yoga Nidra, Seva, Kirtan, Havan) throughout the day will help to balance the energies in body and mind. The Weekend is an offering to all Grempoli members and those who wish to join us to come out to nature and reconnect with oneself and each other. Led by: Nityaprem (Nicole Wangler, Switzerland) and Premarpan (Prem Meli, Italy The weekend will be taught in English and Italian. PracticalitiesWhen: starts on Friday 26 at 5 pm, finishes on Sunday 5 pmWhere: Grempoli Retreat, 30 km from FlorenceContribution: By donationInformation/sign up: or Tel+ 39 345 1324134  

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cielo e nuvole

Pranayama Intensive Week-end
24-26 May 2019 (waiting list)

Teacher: Sn Brahmananda (Narendra Bharwaney) Breath is prana and prana is life. Without prana, nothing moves, nothing lives. Breathing in is inspiration, breathing out is letting go. Every moment we are in this exchange with ourselves and our environment. Our breath affects every cell and system in the body and it is literally right under our nose. Even becoming aware of the natural and spontaneous breath can have quick and profound benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. Prana literally is ‘that which is in movement’, it is the vital force, the energy that sustains all life. We generally have two sources of prana – food and air. Another is to generate it internally, and this is what the practices of yoga and pranayama can do. In daily life we generate, store, use and waste prana, by bringing simple pranayama practice into our routine we can moderate that whole process. Pranayama can be understood as both the control and the expansion of prana through working with the breath and other techniques of mudra, bandha and mantra. The

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pianta con fiori a petali gialli

Yoga of purity
22-27 April 2019

During Easter 2019 we have the pleasure to offer a retreat devoted to purity, in the silence and nature of Grempoli Retreat in Italy: the experience of external and internal purity. Through combination of Yoga practices – Hatha Yoga cleansing practices (shatkarmas) – Laghoo, Kunjal, Neti, Tratak, physical exercises – asanas, meditative techniques for calming down the mind and emotions (Yoga Nidra, Antar Darshan), singing, walking in nature, yoga of action – Karma Yoga to purify the heart by learning to act selflessly in service of others, helping the local farm and preparing meals,using simple organic vegan local food – everyone will have the opportunity to experience the quality of purity and ways to achieve it. There will be practical and theoretical guidance and explanation for every practice. The retreat will be concentrated on silence (mouna)– everyday several hours will be spent in silence. The program is carefully prepared and suitable for everyone, including yoga beginners. During the retreat we will connect and draw from the ancient energy of Easter. Alcohol, coffee, meat and milk products will

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