Author: Premarpan

Pranayama Intensive Level 2
4-6 September 2020

Led by Sn Brahmananda Pranayama is the gateway to meditation. The second part of the pranayama sadhana course will explore the vitalising practices of pranayama and the use of bandhas, postural locks.Foundations of practice must be solid to not only be able to physically do these practices but to assimilate their benefits. Kapalbhati and bhastrika are the classical vitalising practices and combined with bandhas and retention of breath they seek to amplify and channel prana. These techniques are not only to harmonise the pranas of the body, creating health and strength in the nervous system, but also to open the doorway to meditation. The control and expansion of the pranic field is a bridge leading to suspension of breath, or kumbhaka, where the yogi seeks to become aware of the suspension of mind and thus become open to deeper experience. It has been said that prana should be tamed more slowly than a lion or an elephant, hence this course is only open to those who have attended the first part and have been practicing

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Ganesha Yantra and Mantra Retreat 5 – 12 August 2020 Confirmed

The retreat is led by  Brahmananda (Narendra Bharwaney), London and  Antarshuddhi (Nadeshda Stürzebecher), Vienna. Mantra and Yantra are the tools of tantric practice. They represent sound and form, consciousness and energy. The combined use of these tools aims to focus the mind and to expand the awareness. The created symbol then becomes a vehicle through which we can deepen our understanding of the more subtle layers of the mind and personality and our relationship with the internal and external expression of these energies. GANESH – THE REMOVER OF OBSTACLES We will dedicate this week long retreat to the Mantras and Yantra of Ganesh, the well-loved elephant headed deity of the Indian tradition. He is worshiped as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and new beginnings. We will explore the symbols associated with his personal form as well as his abstract form through the practice of Mantra and Yantra. UNIQUE CONTENT The content of these retreats is unique and you will be guided through the different aspects of a process of self-exploration in which

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